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Pet Salon and Accessories in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

We are proud to help our furry friends in need, whether you acquire a simple wash or a full-service grooming, we have the best selection of options for you. Our grooming services include all the best necessities such as shampooing, conditioning, nail trims, ear cleaning, and so much more. Choose our friendly staff for your preferred dog groomer.



Our step-by-step bathing process is the perfect way to make your pooch look and feel great. With our selection of a dozen different shampoo options, we are guaranteed to have the product that suits your pup’s needs. We obtain excellent shampoos and conditioners options like hypoallergenic, moisturizing or medicated as well; allow our expert groomers to bath your dog better than any other pet spa in the area.

U-Bath/Self Wash

U-Bath/Self Wash

With the use of our three baths, we are proud to supply clients with the self-wash pet tubs. With various sizes to choose from, we will provide you with an apron to help prevent you from becoming soaked. Once you feel comfortable using our tools you can then proceed in self-washing your pet. Our flat rate cost of $15.00 is standard for all size dogs and includes all of the products and tools you need.

About Gette A Groom Inc

Our team of professionals at Gette A Groom Inc is proud to offer the most incredible options in dog grooming services. We dedicate ourselves to providing each of our clients with the best results on your grooming needs. With five years in business and over 30 years of experience in pet grooming, we are proud to assist you in getting your pet the help it needs. While we commonly service cats and dogs, we also offer services for guinea pigs, rabbits, as well as ferrets.

As a leading provider of pet grooming in the Klamath Falls area, we are happy to supply our clients with the best options in pet bathing, self-service pet washing, and miscellaneous grooming services. Our trustworthy and reliable pet salon is the perfect place to provide your pup with a clean new coat or trim your feline's nails. With our assortment of hypoallergenic, moisturizing or medicated shampoos and conditioners, we are guaranteed to have just what your pet needs for an enjoyable visit. Speak with us today at (541) 314-4507 to learn more about our incredible pet boutique, and schedule your next cat or dog grooming.

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Tooth Brushing and Nail Trimming

As the owner of an animal, you are more than likely aware the importance of maintaining your pet's health, including their teeth. With help from our incredible pet salon, we can assist you in providing your dog with tooth brushing services. Our expert groomers utilize real disposable toothbrushes with the aid of our doggy toothpaste and breath spray. We can provide them with safe tooth brushing services.

Other services we offer include nail trimming and nail buffing for a smooth finish. If you find that your cat, dog, guinea pig, or ferret is in need of their routine nail trimming, trust that Gette A Groom Inc is best for the job. We utilize the best tools to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your pet. Nail trimming can help eliminate a lot of pain for your pet, especially older pets with arthritis that may find a bare foot-pad easier to walk-on. Rest assured we will provide you and your pet with the most exceptional customer service and the most incomparable experience available. Call now at Gette A Groom Inc to schedule your next pet spa day.

Tooth Brushing

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